We are a group of

We help startup founders with experience and networking.

Our group consists of deeply technical folks with different areas of expertise,
spanning all layers of the modern tech stack from bare metal to pixel.
We help startup founders in all technical and operational aspects — including informal technical advice
about stacks and architectures, hiring for senior roles, and access to a large network of star engineers.

We get involved with startups by making small investments alongside world class VCs — Accel, Benchmark, Foundation, Greylock, KPCB, NEA, Obvious, Redpoint and others.

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If you are a startup founder who is in the midst of raising a round or has recently done so, with any of the above VCs or others, in the Valley or anywhere in the world — and are interested in getting access to a vast, experienced, technical network.


Privately explore the hottest startups looking for senior talent. Thanks to our network across top VC firms, we have privileged access to top startups and positions that are not well publicized